Auction Houses

Protect your reputation with fast and reliable equipment checks from TER.

Check it, Value it, Secure it!


Protecting your reputation

TER Checks at equipment auctions have helped identify millions of pounds worth of stolen equipment, helping to protect the reputation of auction houses across the UK and Europe. Simply turning a blind eye to ownership will inevitably lead to stolen equipment being sold at auction and once identified can be confiscated by the police before being returned to the rightful owner.

Things to look out for

Unofficial stamping

Unofficial stamping

False plates

False plates

False VIN plate

False VIN plates

TER Checks for Auctions

We have created a special checking facility just for auctions which enables you to check items quickly and easily. Auctioneers can register all equipment and new owners details with TER for FREE provided that a TER Check has been carried out.

A TER Check adds value to an auctioneer’s buying client, whilst enhancing your reputation for customer service. Protecting sales and reputation is quick and easy and we offer substantial discounts to auction houses.

Discounts for subscribers

We offer substantial discounts to auction houses who want to TER Check many items of equipment. Please call the office on 01225 464599 to set up an account.

Value it

TER’s valuation service is powered by Lectura and with access to over 80,000 makes and models of equipment, we can provide you with up to date, accurate market valuations of almost any type of plant or equipment.

Secure it

Auction houses often store machinery on behalf of vendors before an auction sale takes place, so it is also extremely important to make sure equipment is secure.

Bobcat S300 Skid Steer


Bobcat S300 Skid Steer

Value: £24,000

Citi Capital

Terex Tc240LC Excavator


Terex Tc240LC Excavator

Value: £67,000

JCB 3CX Excavator


JCB 3CX Excavator

Value: £26,000

HSB Haughton