Buying or selling equipment?

Make sure you're not buying stolen equipment and get accurate market valuations.

TER Checks for equipment buyers

A TER Check will protect you from buying stolen goods which could ultimately end with your new purchase being confiscated by the police, before being returned to its rightful owner.

A TER Check will also provide you with accurate information from our database of over 600,000 items. Is it stolen, is it on finance? A TER Check will let you know.

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TER Valuations for buyers and sellers

Make sure you are selling your equipment for the right price – and equally when buying that you are getting value for money. As well as accurate market value, a TER Valuation will back up your purchase or sale price and you will also receive a valuation certificate.

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Register equipment with TER

If you are the rightful owner of plant or equipment, and are selling equipment, either at auction or privately, registering items with TER will provide valuable information to potential buyers and auction houses handling the sale. Let your purchaser know they are buying bona fide equipment – Registering 1-5 items is free!

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Cat TH330B Telehandler


Cat TH330B Telehandler

Value: £30,000


Schaeff HR32 Excavator


Schaeff HR32 Excavator

Value: £26,000


Manitou M26 Forklift


Manitou M26 Forklift

Value: £15,000

ACE Europe

John Deere 6920 Tractor


John Deere 6920 Tractor

Value: £42,000

NFU Mutual