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TER's luminous, ultra-destruct 'POLICE STOP ME' labels can be purchased for £5 plus VAT each (minmum order of two labels).

Above is an example of a TER Check Certificate that you are able to print instantly after conducting a used equipment check with TER.  As a buyer you should not purchase used equipment without one. Click here to find out more about the TER check service.

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Equipment registration

TER operates the UK national database of owned plant and equipment.  The company holds more equipment ownership records than any other organisation in Europe.  The TER database is managed and operated by TER staff who have more expertise and knowledge across the full range of plant and equipment than any other organisation in Europe.

What is TER Registration?

The logging of equipment fleet and owner details on TER’s database.

What data is required? 

Type, make, model, serial/chassis/VIN numbers, Registration number, engine number, owner/company name, address, tel/fax, 24 hr contact number.

Who should use TER Registration? 

  1. Major equipment manufacturers, such as JCB, Caterpillar, Kubota, Liebherr, Manitou and Ifor Williams, register their new and used sales data with TER as a service to their clients. Click here for further information.
  2. Companies register their fleets with TER.  Click here to view some of our subscribers 
  3. Finally, banks and finance companies register their interest in plant and equipment against which they have loaned monies or where they retain title in equipment.  Note: Ownership data is only disclosed to the police and law enforcement agencies and then only on a case by case basis where they request and require the data.  Click here for further information

Why use TER Registration? 

  1. So that equipment fleet data is available to the police to check 24/7 to monitor the movement of equipment on the national roads network and through ports. 
  2. In addition, TER can make matches when the equipment is passing through auctions.  
  3. Companies registering their equipment can also access premium discount benefits offered by their insurers, who recognise that TER Registration is effective risk management.  Some insurers will not cover a ‘risk’ unless they are registered with TER. 
  4. The provision of the equipment fleet data to TER also allows TER to check that none of the equipment is stolen, to assess the total value of the fleet and, where agreed, to pass this data to the Subscriber’s insurer.

How does TER Registration work? 

Potential subscribers register with TER by entering their details on the Registration Agreement, and sending it to TER with the appropriate payment.  TER issues them with their Subscriber Number, the Subscriber downloads the data entry spreadsheet, enters their fleet data and emails the spreadsheet to TER, remembering to keep their fleet data held by TER up to date as they buy and sell.

How much does TER Registration cost?

  • Up to five items is free
  • Six to ten items is £50.00 plus VAT per annum
  • Over eleven items is £150.00 plus VAT per annum

How much owned equipment data does TER have registered? 

Approaching 1,000,000 owned items valued at around £3.4BN.  TER has more plant and equipment data than any organisation in Europe.

Register equipment