Check it!

Check equipment quickly and easily.

TER Check CertificateTER Theft Check (£10.00+VAT)
Check equipment to see if it is listed as stolen on our database of over 900,000 items.

TER Theft & Finance Check (£30.00+VAT)
Also checks for outstanding finance and includes a search against the HPI database.

We complete checks within 20 minutes during normal working hours Monday to Friday, outside these hours it may take longer if we have to verify information with other orginisations

To conduct a check, Please register your details below, (name, address, email and phone number)  or sign in using your email address if you have registered before, enter the Make, model, serial number (preferably the full 17 digit Vin number) and the road registration number (if applicable) and we will start your check

Once completed, we will issue a TER Check Certificate showing proof that the item is not registered as stolen or has outstanding finance (if it is a theft and finance check) at the time we checked.

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