Secure It!

6 simple steps to beat equipment theft

Many of our security suggestions are cost-free and can help safeguard against plant and equipment theft.

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    1. Check it!

    The last thing you want when buying equipment is to find out it’s stolen. Whether through a private sale or purchase at auction, you won’t know if it’s stolen or has outstanding finance unless you check with us first.

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    2. Value it!

    Keeping an up to date valuation with photographs, including the chassis or VIN plate, will help identify your equipment. We can then circulate this to the authorities as part of our recovery process.

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    3. Register it!

    Registering ownership on the TER database provides the police with accurate information for successfully returning items to their owner. Without this, your equipment will never find it’s way back to you!

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    4. Secure it!

    Install tracking systems on equipment, make sure your site or yard is secure and has security lighting and keep an inventory of equipment. Download our full report for more important security tips below.

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    5. Report it!

    Reporting thefts to TER, as well as the police, increases our ability to alert ports and border patrols. Your equipment may already be on its way to another country when you discover the theft and we can stop it being exported.

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    6. Recover it!

    Following the steps above will vastly increase the possibility of recovering stolen plant and equipment. Help us help you with the safe return of your valuable investment and together we can beat equipment theft.

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Cat TH330B Telehandler


Cat TH330B Telehandler

Value: £30,000


Komatsu WA200-5 Loader


Komatsu WA200-5 Loader

Value: £40,000

Hanson Aggregates

Terex Tc240LC Excavator


Terex Tc240LC Excavator

Value: £67,000

JCB 3CX Excavator


JCB 3CX Excavator

Value: £24,000

HSB Haughton

John Deere 6920 Tractor


John Deere 6920 Tractor

Stolen: 31/08/2007 Weston-super-Mare

John Deere 6920 Tractor


John Deere 6920 Tractor

Value: £42,000

NFU Mutual