How TER can help when buying or selling plant

Questions you should be asking:

  • Is it stolen?
  • Is it on finance?
  • Are we legally liable?
  • What about our reputation?
  • Is the price right?

What do we do?

Watch this short video to better understand the plant theft problem and see how checking items with TER can help protect you from buying or handling stolen equipment.

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Police roadside checks

TER assist the police with roadside plant and equipment checks. See us in action as we identify potentially stolen goods as part of Operation Trivium.

Services for the police

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TER – A specialist resource for online theft checks and the recovery of plant and equipment

Since 1995 TER has been conducting due diligence theft and finance checks for the public and dealers these checks have resulted in more than 3,390 stolen equipment recoveries, valued at more than £14.9m, for UK equipment insurance companies, businesses and individuals.

JCBEquipment ranges from small trailers valued at only several hundred pounds, to a huge Caterpillar Loading Shovel valued at £125,000. These machines have been recovered not only from across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland but also in Ireland, France, Holland, Poland, Cyprus, Israel and Australia.




What is TER

Plant and equipment guide

Helping the police identify plant and equipment understand the equipment theft problem, know what to look for and to have the technical knowledge to initiate an investigation.

Advice for farmers

News and information for farmers and owners of agricultural equipment, protecting your agricultural and farming equipment investment.

Loss prevention and security advice

Loss prevention and security techniques for equipment owners and hirers. An in-depth guide outlining the many ways of protecting your investment – many of which are cost-free.

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All the latest equipment theft and recovery news and business sector updates from the equipment theft and recovery experts.