Trailers and TER

Since 1992 TER has been registering, checking, reporting and assisting in the recovery of Stolen Trailers.

TER has the largest publicly accessible national database in the UK for trailers with over 850,000 trailer registrations. A number of leading trailer manufacturers register their trailers with TER, as do many dealers and individuals. The database continually increases as trailers are registered daily,

Stolen Trailers

In 2022, we averaged over three stolen trailer reports a day. We receive stolen reports from some manufacturers, dealers/distributors, Insurance Companies, regional police forces in the UK, Finance Companies, victims and TER’s continual social media monitoring. TER does not have access to the Police National Computer as the Home office does not allow it to be used for commercial use. But completing a TER Trailer check proves that you have checked all the public databases to avoid buying a stolen trailer.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your trailer (or any other plant and equipment stolen), please Report It! This is a free service.

Police and Government Agencies Services working with TER

TER collaborates extensively with all UK police forces, The Chief Constables Association, and other government bodies, assisting them in identifying various plant, equipment, and trailers.

Last year (2022), the police accessed the TER database to check 5,100 trailers. This meticulous scrutiny led to the successful recovery of numerous stolen trailers, including one stolen police horsebox. These checks unveiled 2,080 stolen or registered plant, equipment, and trailers.

If you are the unfortunate victim of Trailer theft, it is vital that you Report It! to TER as well as the police. We have connections with all UK police forces, ports police, as well as auction houses and other Marketplaces, so if a Trailer ever comes up for sale, or is seen on the highways or at a port, hopefully it can be recovered and returned Report It!

TER actively cooperates with all UK police forces, even addressing the Chief Constable’s conference in 2021 about the paramount importance of systematic registration and timely reporting.

TER and The National Trailer & Towing Association (NTTA)

The National Trailer & Towing Association (NTTA) proudly supports The Equipment Register (TER), an initiative registering trailers to combat theft and promote safety. As an esteemed advocate of responsible and legal towing, NTTA aligns with TER’s mission to enhance security in the light trailer industry. Established in 1975, NTTA represents the towing industry’s interests nationally, setting standards, offering accreditation schemes, and initiatives such as the Free Safety Check program. This partnership with TER reflects NTTA’s commitment to safeguarding trailers, fostering expertise, and advocating for industry excellence. Together, NTTA and TER contribute to a safer and more secure towing landscape.

Visit the National Trailer and Towing Association NTTA

What are the benefits of registering a trailer with TER?

TER provides a registration service for all plant, equipment, and trailer manufacturers. The public is also encouraged to register up to 5 items at no cost via TER’s registration portal.

A TER registration makes it easier to return a stolen trailer to its rightful owner. In some cases, the trailer was recovered before the owner realised it was stolen. It gives you peace of mind.

In the unfortunate event of a theft of a trailer, TER’s Registration Service makes it possible for the police to identify your trailer promptly after a recovery operation or a roadside check.

Another benefit of registering your trailer or other plant and equipment on the TER database is some insurance companies offer a discount if you register your trailer.
A TER registration can be useful when selling your trailer.

You can register up to 5 items on the TER database for free Register It!